What is My School Challenge?

My School Challenge is an award scheme and online learning passport created to support children and young people develop the skills they need to succeed when they leave school and achieve their dreams. Focusing on two core outcomes, My School Challenge is carefully designed to build children and young people’s confidence and help them find their talent. It is both a series of exciting challenges and a record of achievement and experiences to sit alongside their academic qualifications.

My School Challenge invites young people to embark on a journey of self-discovery and exploration by bringing together a range of progressive real world learning experiences that help broaden their knowledge of themselves, the area they live in and the wider world. There are 5 Challenge Levels with 5 different GOALS categories each containing whole range of activities designed and curated to help children and young people achieve, gain useful life skills and have fun. The activities range from simply exploring the outdoors and being able to zip-up your coat right through to completing nationally recognised awards; all of which can be undertaken in school, with parents and carers, or with friends and peers in out-side-of-school groups.

Through My School Challenge, children and young people can record their route through the scheme’s levels: taking part in different sports and physical activities, developing their artistic talents, understanding the different cultures that make up their community, volunteering and helping others, being supported in making mature decisions, developing an awareness of the value of science and technology, visiting new places and working towards independence.

This is the journey YOUR SCHOOL NAME is about to undertake – ready? Let’s go!


My School Challenge is a collaboration between YOUR SCHOOL NAME, SOLAR Team Nottingham, RizkMcCay and Impression Digital.