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Ramadan Mubarak – celebrating the beginning of the holy month

This evening marks the start of Ramadan, the most holy month in the Muslim calendar. During Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn until sunset – that means eating nothing while it is daylight. There are some people who don’t have to fast such as children, pregnant women, the sick, the elderly and travellers – plus, if


Get out for the classroom on Thursday with Outdoor Classroom Day

Who likes lessons when they happen outside? Answer: most of us! Learning outdoors creates lasting memories, helps us build a greater awareness of the environment, provides more opportunities to think independently, and gets us engaged in feeling challenged and excited by learning. We are more active when they play outdoors, burning off calories and keeping fitter.

The Levellers

Meet the Levellers!

Meet your guides through My School Challenge’s 5 areas: The Levellers! Meet Seafaring Shu, Mountaineer Martha, Global George, Archaeologist Aafia and Jungle Jim. Jungle Jim is our fearless jungle explorer who, with his net, brushes and City Card, will lead you through the tangled trees and flowing rivers of Level 1. Shu is our seafarer who will set your


Hello from My School Challenge!

Hello! This is our first post as we launch My School Challenge in your school! My School Challenge is your passport to doing loads of fun stuff in and out of school all over your area. From outdoor adventures to art galleries and from sporting events to museum visits, My School Challenge is your chance to